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Have Dirty Furniture in Rohnert Park?

Did you know that upholstered furniture can act like a magnet when it comes to collecting dust, dirt, and stains? This can actually be a good thing because trapping the dirt and grime makes the rest of your home cleaner. However, it does mean that your upholstery gets really dirty, fast. However, you don’t have to live with that dirt and grime forever!

Our upholstery cleaning system is different from what you may be used to in Rohnert Park. We aren’t a steam cleaning company! North American Chem-Dry is something far better. We use an innovative cleaning system that’s perfect for your furniture and family.

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“I love North American Chem-Dry. I have been using their services for many years – It’s always done fast, right and courteously.  Great business.”

Jo-Ellen W.

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“They do everything well. They show up on time. They’re personable. They work quickly and efficiently and they leave your carpeting and upholstery looking like new! Can’t recommend Chem-Dry Sonoma enough.”

Rich L.

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Why North American Chem-Dry in Rohnert Park?

You can see and feel the difference that Chem-Dry makes in your furniture when you choose us over another furniture cleaner in Rohnert Park. That’s because our cleaning method is drier, cleaner, and healthier than other methods. Read on to learn more about what sets us apart:

chem-dry removes 98% of allergens from carpets

Cleaning with the Power of Carbonation

We use the same carbonated power on upholstery that we use in our carpet cleaning, so you know you’re getting the best possible, proven results. The microscopic carbonated bubbles penetrate deep into your upholstery to raise stains to the surface. Once we’ve blasted the stains from the deepest layers of your upholstery fibers, they can be easily cleaned away with our extraction equipment. When we’re done with it, furniture looks brand new.

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Drier Faster

Because we use our carbonated cleaning solution and not just lots of water and soap, our upholstery dries faster. This means that you can get back to enjoying your clean furniture sooner. Dirt is attracted and sticks to wet surfaces and soap residue, but Chem-Dry doesn’t use soap with a dirt-attracting residue, so your furniture won’t get dirty right away. Drier furniture means cleaner furniture, and North American Chem-Dry provides the fastest drying furniture cleaning in Rohnert Park.

Healthier Results for the Whole Family

Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning method has been tested and proven by a leading independent air quality laboratory to remove an average of 98.1% of common household allergens from the carpets and upholstery we clean.* And the special deodorizer we use doesn’t just hide or cover up the odors that have been absorbed into your furniture. It actually removes them, keeping your furniture and air fresh for longer. The result is cleaner furniture that is safe for kids and pets.

Green Cleaning

North American Chem-Dry is a small, locally owned business based locally in Sonoma. We care about the local environment, which is why we use green cleaning solutions when we clean your upholstery. Our solution is even called The Natural®, and it’s made from ingredients copied from nature. Choose the green-certified cleaner in Rohnert Park and call North American Chem-Dry.


Ronhert Park Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Go deeper than simple mopping alone with a professional tile cleaning in Ronhert Park from North American Chem-Dry! We will get your tile and grout shining like never before. 

Pet Stain Removal in Ronhert Park

Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Dogs, cats, rabbits and about every other pet has an accident on the sofa or carpet every now and then. North American Chem-Dry is here to clean up those pet urine accidents for you!


*We only service Sonoma County. Please do not call if you live outside of Sonoma County.

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