Vacuum maintenance tips from the Sonoma County Carpet Cleaning pros at North American Chem-DryMaking Your Vacuum Last

A lot of people complain that their vacuum is already losing power even though they just barely bought it. But is the problem with the vacuums or the people using them? We say this with all the possible love a professional carpet cleaning company can give, it’s the people. See a vacuum actually has a limited capacity and will eventually lose some of its power. That’s why it’s important to not grab your vacuum at the first sign of a minor mess. Nobody understands the importance of a clean house like North American Chem-Dry does. Regular vacuuming plays a major role in that, but you need to learn how to take care of your favorite dust buster to make sure you get the most out of it. So let’s go over a couple of vacuum maintenance tips.

Avoid Vacuuming Moist & Damp Carpets

Like most electric-powered tools, your vacuum does not like water. Moist carpets have lead to erosion, mildew build-up, and mold growth inside many vacuum cleaners. Your vacuum’s life can be cut short by trying to suck up small spills or major leaks. Water needs to be sucked out or dried properly before you can pass a vacuum over it. You can either look for the equipment, wait for the carpets to dry, or give us a call. We can extract water and get carpets cleaner than ever before!

Don’t Overwork It

Some vacuums may end up lasting longer than others for a number of reasons. That can make it difficult to know when the right time to replace it actually is. Pay close attention to the suction power. Once that starts to go down you can feel confident about replacing it. To make sure that vacuum suction power stays strong for years and not just months, don’t overwork it. Use it for regular and simple cleanings only. The vast majority of vacuums aren’t designed for the deeper messes on carpets, upholstery, and rugs. 

Trust The Professionals

Vacuuming is crucial to maintain the health and cleanliness of your home. However, it isn’t the only piece of that puzzle. Vacuums are great for eliminiating the visible dirt, garbage, and dust, but what about the unseen grime that lives deep within your carpet? These invisible threats need to taken care of by a professional like North American Chem-Dry. By trusting the deep cleaning to us, you can start getting the most out of your vacuum and keep it alive for the years to come.

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