It’s easy to make the mistake of believing that area rugs and carpets are the same and can be cleaned the same way. Believing this had lead people to ruin beautiful rugs. Here is the hard truth, area rugs and carpet are very different and need to be cleaned by different methods. Keep reading to find out why, and get some tips for cleaning both.

HOW THEY’RE MADERug Cleaning in Sonoma County

An obvious difference between area rugs and carpets is how they are constructed. Area rugs are designed to be picked up and moved as needed, while wall-to-wall carpets are intended to stay in place after installation. This difference requires different materials and construction. In addition to this, many area rugs are constructed differently from one another, and so they all require slightly different care.


Why would a wall-to-wall carpet need fringe? It would never even be seen or enjoyed. However many area rugs do include beautiful and delicate fringe along the edges. Because it is delicate, you need to avoid vacuuming the fringe at all costs. Area rugs with fringe must be given special treatment in order to preserve the fringe.


Area rugs are typically thicker than normal carpet and have a denser pile construction. This puts an area rug’s fibers closer together than standard carpet. The denser pile tends to trap dirt and soil near the base of the rug as well. Most vacuums can’t remove the trapped dirt from the tight fibers. That’s why people take their rugs outside and beat the dirt out. If you would rather not have to perform that exhausting task just give the professional rug cleaners at North American Chem-Dry a call.


Most carpets are a single color so it isn’t a problem if that color happens to bleed. Area rugs, on the other hand, have very intricate color patterns and bleeding can completely ruin a rug by muddying the design. Using the correct solutions and methods to clean an area rug is critical to prevent bleeding and fading. Often, a standard carpet cleaning solution just won’t cut it.


Antiquing is a process that is done by a manufacturer to make a rug look older and more expensive. The process itself can cause some dye issues. Though it can happen in carpets, it is far more common in area rugs. It usually applies a large layer of very aggressive acidic wash or a post-treatment of tea dying, which can wash away during the cleaning process. If that does happen, an expert can reapply the layer after cleaning.


Your area rugs are probably made differently than your neighbors. Because they’re a more expensive investment, you wouldn’t want just anybody attempting to clean it. Proper area rug cleaning needs to be done by trained and experienced professionals. With more than 30 years of experience, North American Chem-Dry is Sonoma County’s ideal professional rug cleaning service. Schedule your next appointment today