How often clean everything in houseSpring is known for being spring cleaning season. Everyone is deep cleaning and decluttering their homes. This is great, but it’s easy to forget that your home should be cleaned more often than just once a year. Do you know how often everything in your home should be cleaned? Here’s a quick guide to help you stay on top of cleaning all year round.

Clean Daily

Every day, take a few minutes to pick up any clutter around your house. Sort through the mail, put away the shoes, and pick up any other small mess from the day. This will help keep your home nice and clean and prevent the mess from building up.

Pay attention to your kitchen every day. Do a load of dishes, and wipe up any spills or other messes on the counters. Food messes are much easier to clean when they are fresh instead of when they’ve been left to sit for a few days.

Also check your bathroom for messes. Wipe up any toothpaste or hair in the sink. You can also scrub the shower while you’re in it for easy cleaning.

Clean Weekly

Once a week, take the time to clean your floors. Vacuum your carpets and rugs. Sweep your hardwood and tile floors. Also mop your tile floors, especially your kitchen and bathroom floors. Floors in rooms you don’t use every day can be cleaned less often.

Dirt, skin cells, sweat, and other contaminants build up in your sheets, so replace your sheets once a week, or at the bare minimum, every two weeks. This will keep your bed nice and clean.

Take care of your appliances once a week. Wipe down any spills in your fridge, and take care of any spills in your oven and on your stove top.

Make sure that your laundry gets done every week. Letting dirty laundry sit around will allow a smell to build up, not to mention you’ll run out of clean clothing. Fold it and put it away right after washing it.

Clean Monthly

Once a month, clean your walls. Wipe your walls down, making sure to pay attention to the corners where spider webs tend to build up. Look for any spots or marks on the walls, especially if you have kids.

Also dust your home once a month. Dust builds up a little at a time, and even if you can’t see it, it’s still there. Don’t forget to dust behind the furniture and large electronics like the television, as well as the high places, like the ceiling fan, tops of bookcases, and anywhere you might not usually think about.

Clean Every Six Months

It’s recommended that you get your floorings cleaned by a professional every six months. Carpets need to have dirt, stains, and other build-up removed by a professional carpet cleaner as a vacuum can’t remove everything. Your tile floor also needs to be cleaned by a tile cleaner, especially since tile and grout are prone to mold growth. North American Chem-Dry can help with cleaning your carpet and tile.

Just like your carpets, upholstered furniture should be cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. Ideally, it is recommended to professionally clean your upholstery once or twice a year.

Also be sure to declutter your home twice a year. Go through your offseason clothing items and donate any that no longer fit. Clean out the closets and cupboards to get rid of anything you no longer need. Going through what you own every once in a while will help your home from getting too cluttered.


Staying on top of the house cleaning is important, and can help you have a much easier spring cleaning.