Here is a fun fact you should really know: your couch is probably the dirtiest thing in your entire house. Yes, that means dirtier than a toilet or sink. The big question you’re probably asking right now is why your couch is so dirty. The answer is simple, neglect. the average person knows to wipe down and clean other high touch areas like counters, bathrooms, floors, etc.. For some reason though, most of us forget that our couches and furniture need cleaning too. The major problem is that upholstery acts like an air filter. It catches and traps harmful dirt and bacteria. This actually improves the air quality of your home for a while, but like any air filter, it needs to be changed or cleaned regularly. In order to do this properly, you’ll want to check out these tips from the professional upholstery cleaners here in Sonoma County. 

how to clean upholstery

Fix The Health Hazard

If you took a microscope to your couch, you may never want to relax on it again. That’s pretty disgusting considering the amount of time the average family will spend on their couch.  As you can imagine, dust, body oils, spills, dirty clothes, and more deposit dirt and dangerous germs build up on your couch over time. Eventually, those germs will spread throughout the house causing a huge health hazard. So let’s talk about ways to attack the hazard and get it out for good.

Vacuuming your upholstered furniture can actually make a huge difference. But you’ll also want to sanitize your furniture with a safe, powerful, and non-toxic solution. North American Chem-Dry actually offers a few products that will help to eliminate even more of the common bacteria in your upholstery.

Clean It Frequently

We would recommend regular vacuuming and spot cleaning at least once a week. Yeah, we know it just sounds like adding yet another task onto a seemingly never-ending to-do list, but remember it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could probably even get it done in about 15 minutes. Taking that short amount of time will have a large impact on the overall health of your home and family. It does need to go even deeper than just sanitizers and dust-busting though. It’s a really good idea to schedule professional upholstery cleaning once or twice a year, and even more, if animals and children are in your home.

Top-Rated Upholstery Cleaning in Sonoma, CA

Choosing the right furniture cleaning service is crucial. It can be a really difficult decision to make. Our goal here, of course, is to make that choice a little easier for you. North American Chem-Dry is a top-rated upholstery cleaning service in the bay area. We use some of the best techniques, equipment, and solutions in the entire industry. On top of that, we bring more than 30 years of experience to the table. Over the years we have cleaned all kinds of furniture including leather. When it comes to deep cleaning couches and furniture, we clean for health like no one else in the greater Santa Rosa area.

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