Learn what makes Chem-Dry carpet cleaning a better choice than steam cleaners
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Chem-Dry VS. Steam Cleaners

When you think of professional carpet cleaning, you might think of having wet socks after walking across wet carpets, or you might think of that musty smell that remains. This is usually what you get with the average steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning machines work by pumping buckets full of hot, soapy water into your carpet. They claim that that water is sucked back up by the machine.  However, that’s not usually the case, and instead steam cleaning leaves behind a lot of water and sticky residue that can attract dirt. Steam cleaning does make your carpets look clean for a short time period, but the soap residue that gets left behind will cause them to get dirty quickly. Then you’ll have to call them again to get out dirt that they caused! And with all that extra water, carpets take much longer to dry, often up to 1-2 days. While you’re waiting for your carpet to dry, harmful mold and mildew have a perfect damp climate to grow in. All in all, steam cleaners take longer and actually cause your carpets to get dirtier quicker.

There’s a better way to clean carpets. At North American Chem-Dry, our unique carpet cleaning method dries quickly –  just 1-2 hours – and doesn’t leave behind any of that dirt-attracting soap residue. Our revolutionary Carbonating Cleaner uses the power of carbonated bubbles and only 1/5 of the water that steam cleaners require. The carbonation allows dirt and grime to be broken up and lifted to the surface of the carpet where they can be removed. In summary, with North American Chem-Dry your carpets are more clean, for more time.

Overall, North American Chem-Dry offers a healthier, more thorough carpet cleaning than the competitors in Sonoma.

The Difference Between Chem-Dry and Steam Cleaning

Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)

  • Carbonating, active cleaning solution
  • Neutral pH cleaning solution
  • Resists resoiling – stains don’t reappear
  • Low water quantity
  • Low pressure application
  • Short drying time – 1-2 hours
  • Green solutions and cleaning method, minimal water

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Flat, inactive cleaning solution
  • High pH cleaning solution
  • Encourages resoiling – reappearing stains
  • High water quantity
  • High pressure application
  • Long drying times – 1-2 days
  • Harsh chemicals, excessive water
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*We only service Sonoma County. Please do not call if you live outside of Sonoma County.

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