Back to School Household OrganizationWhether your kids are already in school or are going back soo, you know that it’s a hectic time. One of the best ways to reduce the stress of school is to have solid home organization in place. Here are some of our best home organization tips to help save you valuable time and feel less stressed during the school year.

Create a family event calendar. 

When school is in session, everyone has different schedules. You have extracurriculars¬†such as sports and other clubs to worry about. Maybe you have tutoring or music lessons in the mix. Not to mention things like school holidays and half days you need to keep track of as well. The best way to keep track of everything going on is to have a calendar in a place where everyone can see it. We recommend a whiteboard calendar because it’s reusable for years, and it’s to update when schedules change. Another helpful tip is to color code each family member’s activities. This helps everyone know where they need to be at a glance.

Keep germs at bay with a clean home.

When your kids are around other kids all day long, germs are sure to be passed around. Not to mention, the approaching colder weather brings cold and flu season with it. In order to keep everyone in your family healthy, you need to tackle the germs by keeping a clean home. Pack mini bottles of hand sanitizer in backpacks and encourage your kids to use it. Wipe down frequently touches places, such as light switches and doorknobs, every day to reduce germs. Stay on top of laundry, and use hot water to kill germs that kids might have picked up on the playground. When your kid does get sick, keep them home to help other families stay healthy.

Go through the closet to make mornings easier.

When kids dress themselves, it takes forever if they have to dig through their closet to find anything or everything they try on is too small now. Go through each child’s closet and pull out clothes that are too small. It might be a good idea to set aside clothing that isn’t seasonally appropriate, such as winter clothes. You can put them back in when the weather changes, but for now, fewer choices will make getting dressed much easier. You can also separate clothes into different sections, such as school uniforms, play clothes, sports, uniforms, etc, to make it even easier.

Establish a home base for school things.

Another pain point in the morning can be finding lost homework, backpacks, or permission slips. To prevent this, set up a home base for school in the entryway of your home. Include a shelf where papers can be placed, and a hook for each child’s backpack. Encourage your child to make that everything they need for school gets put in this spot, instead of in their bedrooms or anywhere else in the house. Also encourage them to get in the habit of putting homework and other papers straight back into their bags when they are finished so they can’t lose it. You can create a separate section for sports equipment or anything else you need for extracurriculars to make that easier too.

Create a productive study area.

Homework done in front of the tv rarely actually gets done. Instead, create a spot where children can focus solely on their homework. If you have desks in their bedrooms, clean them off and gather all of the school supplies they will need. Everything else, such as toys or recreational books should be kept off the desk. If your children don’t have individual desks, create a school supply area where your kids do work, such as near the kitchen table. Make sure that everything they could need, such as a pencil sharpener, is close at hand so they don’t have to go looking for it. This will help keep everyone more focused and organized.


We hope that you have an organized and stress-free school year!