6 quick cleaning tipsAt North American Chem-Dry, our goal is to help you have a clean, healthy home. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of tips to help you have a cleaner, healthier home. These things are things that people often forget about but are generally pretty quick and easy. Follow these 6 easy tips and have a cleaner home today!

1. Wipe down your countertops daily. You likely use your countertop every day to prepare food, and countertops often catch everything in your kitchen, from dirty dishes to mail. This means that your countertops are probably in need of a good cleaning. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of clearing off and wiping down your countertop daily to kill germs and sanitize the area. This will only take a minute if you do it regularly, so you have no excuse not to! On the other hand, if you let the mess build up, you will have to spend significantly more time cleaning.

2. Clean your carpets (and rugs). Just think about it: you walk on your carpets and rugs every day, and everything on your shoes, your pet’s paws, and in your air ends up in your carpets. It’s important to keep your carpet clean to keep your home healthy. You should vacuum your rugs and carpet weekly, more if you have kids or pets running around. Additionally, you should get your carpets cleaned professionally 1-2 times a year in order to remove any debris that your household vacuum cannot remove.

3. Use doormats or area rugs in your entryway and high traffic areas. To help keep your carpets in good shape, you can use rugs to trap dirt before it gets to your carpets. Choose a rug that can be machine washed to make your life even easier. Instead of having to vacuum every day, you can catch the dirt at the door, and then throw the rug in the wash as needed, or, at the very least, shake it out outside. This will keep your carpets in much better shape and cut down on how often you need to vacuum. No matter what, you should still vacuum and get your carpets cleaned regularly, however.

4. Don’t forget to clean your furniture. Often people forget that furniture needs to be cleaned. After all, you probably sit on it every day. Furniture tends to collect body oil, food particles, dirt, dust, and more. In order to keep it clean and healthy, furniture should be cleaned by a professional at least once a year. In between visits, you can use the upholstery attachment to vacuum your furniture to keep it clean.

5. Spot clean hot spots. Hot spots are the places that you and your family touch the most. Some common hot spots are light switches, door knobs, toilet handles, and sink faucets. Because they are touched regularly, these surfaces are prone to germs and bacteria. Take a minute every day to wipe down all of the hot spots in your home with a disinfecting wipe. You’ll prevent dirt and grime from building up and kill germs, keeping your family healthier.

6. Check and change heating and air conditioning filters. What is in your air makes a big difference in how clean your home is. Your home heating and air conditioner filters filter all of the air in your home, helping to trap dust and other unhealthy particles. However, once the filter gets too full, it can no longer do its job effectively. That’s why filters need to be changed regularly. To remind yourself when it’s time to change the filter, write the date that you’re performing the replacement on the outer edge of the new filter that you’re installing to make it easy to know when your next one is due.


We hope these tips help you to have a healthier, happier home. If you need a little extra help, call North American Chem-Dry for a carpet or upholstery cleaning