pet stain removal solutions proven to work in the Sebastopol areaNorth American Chem-Dry are big fans of pets. We know that they are an important part of your family. But even the best and the most well-trained animal can have a potty accident every now and then. Their urine certainly isn’t an easy thing to clean up. As pet stain removal experts here in the Sebastopol area, we’ve complied 3 proven solutions to get pet stains and odors out of your carpet.

DIY Solutions

Many people are starting to mix their own cleaning solutions at home. Plenty of common household items can be used, however, they come with plenty of issues. You might find a lot of solutions using vinegar, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide that claim to be effective, but trust us, they aren’t. DIY solutions are famous for making the problem worse than when you started. You’ll often be left with a big sticky mess or massive discoloration. We don’t recommend this per se, but if you do decide to go with the DIY solution, find one that uses club soda. Here’s a tip to apply a solution properly.

Blot the area first with a dry towel to soak up as much urine as possible. Then apply the solution gently to allow the bubbles to start lifting the stain out. Don’t scrub it in because scrubbing will only push the stain deeper into the carpet fibers. Remember that DIY solutions run the risk of discoloring your carpet so start on small spots at first, and don’t dump the whole solution at once.

Store-Bought Solutions

Not every stain remover you see in a store is going to be completely safe for use around your family. Don’t let that discourage you though. If you’re not feeling confident with your DIY solution mixing skills, there are still plenty of store-bought solutions out there that are non-toxic and safe. All of the products we sell are great examples of these types of safe solutions. We would recommend using the World Famous Spot Remover and/or the Pet Odor Remover. Be sure to check them out and give them a try. Just like any other solution, be sure to follow all of the instructions before using to avoid worsening the situation.

Professional Pet Stain Removers

One of the most common issues people who remove pet urine on their own experience is reappearance. Stains and odors will come back with a vengeance. This is because it’s difficult to remove the stain completely. Typically it just gets pushed deeper down and then wicks back to the top as it dries. The right professional service will know how to get them out for good. You might find our Pet Urine Removal Treatment or P.U.R.T. to be that service for you. P.U.R.T. attacks the urine crystals that form in the carpet fibers to ensure we get the stain out right. Our motto has always been if we can’t get it out then no one can.

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