3 things you should't diy in your home for safety reasonsDIY projects are huge nowadays. Just hop on Pinterest and you’ll be met with tons of home projects and detailed instructions on how to do it yourself. We are huge supporters of improving your home and even doing projects yourself. However, there are just a few projects you should leave to the professionals. This isn’t because we don’t believe in you, we just know how dangerous some projects can be or how easy it to get them wrong. Here’s our top three home projects that we recommend you leave to the professionals:


We know that it isn’t that hard to fix a basic leaking faucet or replace a showerhead. Those tasks can be done by just about anyone. When we caution you to avoid plumbing, we’re talking about big plumbing projects. This is because plumbing involves, obviously, water. A burst pipe or other water issue can cause a lot of damage to your home and possessions. No one likes to deal with flooding, but if you tackle big plumbing projects on your own, you just might. Call in an expert to move your toilet or install a whole new sink for you. It may cost more upfront, but you’ll save money in having to pay for water damage restoration when something goes wrong while you’re doing it yourself.

Electrical Work

Again, we’re not against you replacing your burnt out bulbs! We want to be independent and able to handle small home tasks by yourself. We just also want you to be safe. Electricity is dangerous, and should only be worked with by trained professionals. When working with electricity there is a high risk that you will electrocute yourself. Even if you make it through without hurting yourself, if you do something wrong you have a huge chance of causing an electrical fire down the line. There is a lot of code to deal with when wiring a home, and you likely don’t know all of it. Don’t take the risk, pay a professional who has been trained in how to deal with electricity safely.

Carpet Cleaning

Pretty much all other home cleaning tasks we say to do yourself. However, carpet is different. Many home carpet treatments use a lot of water, which will sit in your carpets for days. Not only is this a pain, but mold and mildew love to grow in damp carpet. These can cause health issues in your family. Another issue with cleaning your carpet yourself is the soaps use. Many soaps leave a residue behind, which is ticky and actually attracts dirt. This means that your carpets might look clean for a few days, but soon they’ll end up even dirtier than when you started. You can avoid these issues when you hire a professional carpet cleaner to handle the task for you.


Get out there and DIY your home! Just remember to do so safely and effectively! There is no sense in saving a little money only to make everything worse, so be careful what projects you do choose to take on.